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Other Potential Product Candidates

The science behind Regenicin Cultured skin substitute is the use of a collagen sponge, biomedical polymer, to act as a connective agent in the skin generation process.  The biomedical polymer is an important commercial product that could be developed for a variety of other applications outside of the production of Regenicin Cultured skin substitute;:

  • protecting organs and tendons
  • as a carrier for hormones or medicines
  • as a protective healing agent for wounds
  • as a carrier for stem cells

 Banked Allogenic Cell Products can be developed for the biomedical polymer in products:

  • for the treatment of chronic wounds
  • for cosmetic or other topical testing, an alternative to animal testing
  • for medical testing i.e. measuring the efficacy of transdermal medicine

Future Therapeutics

Regenicin™ continues to look towards the future with development of other cell therapy technologies. We are excited to be able to bring those new developments to the commercial markets. As a company, Regenicin™ has a priority focus to develop future therapeutics in the following areas:

  • diabetes
  • chronic wounds, including ulcers
  • adult stem cell therapies
  • reconstructive surgery applications